If I only had the Force, it would make my day and raising a toddler much easier! I could use the powers of the force to keep my son from locking me out of a room, get him to take a nap, and have him place nice with the kitty all with the swipe of my finger. Instead of repeating over and over again, “Doyle don’t touch the door lock,” to “You don’t want to touch the door, you want to play with your toys.” and have him listen! It’s hard to reason with a 17 month old and the force would take all the frustration out of the situation! Instead of putting him down for his nap every thirty minutes because he won’t sleep, a wave of my fingers later and he would close his eyes! Instant sleep aide! And I could finally use the force to get Doyle to stop manhandling the cats! Finally my instructions would be Obeyed!

Wendy Tunison One small step paper and elements
cowgirl chic star element
Pixelily designs- spendor moment star element
Keystone Scraps- boys of summer glitter papers
take me to your leader papers and elements
Winter formal glitter scatter
leader of the club paper
rock the boat glitter paper

M&M Designs Sept Blues V2 mask