As a child, all was right in my world.   We didn't have much, but we had family and that's really all that matters to a child.  I should probably do over some things, but I can't remember what they are!


As a Teen, not sure that all was right in my world so much as I was always right! Like most teens, I was pretty selfish and self centered.   Had no idea what my parents were sacrificing for me.   If the mighty Oz granted me a do-over,  I would first lose the glasses (seemed so cool at the time!) Then, I would be much kinder to my parents!


In my 20s, I got married and had two kids within 3 years.   I was so busy with two babies, that I forgot to put any effort into my marriage and myself.   After a couple of years my marriage was in trouble and I was so out of touch in my IT career.   I ended up divorced and struggling to find a job in a fast changing technical field.  If the Oz man granted me a do-over, I would spend less time watching TV (while kids were napping) and more time finding ways to keep my marriage on track.  I would also be sure to do more reading to keep my IT skills up to date.


In my 30s, I got my career on track and was moving up the corporate ladder.    Went back as a programmer and before my 40th birthday, I was managing a team of Programmers and Analysts.   Life was good!   NOT!   My career was good, but my kids were spending too much time alone.  You guessed it Mr. Oz... I want a do-over to spend a lot more time with my kids.   Who knew they would grow up so fast and that I would regret missing so many ball games  and school activities.   All of the corporate ladder time could have waited till my kids were all grown up.


My 40s were tough.   Depressed because my kids didn't like me (shocker) and lonely for the same basic reason, I started eating what's referred to as comfort food.  The more I gained the more depressed I was and the more I ate.   Please Sir Oz, a do-over to join a gym instead  of stuffing my face!!!!!


During my 50s, we had to put my Mom in an Alzheimer’s unit.    No mystery here. If the great Oz would grant me a do-over, I would spend so much time with my Mom before she was no longer able to remember who I am. 


My Mom always said, things work out the way they are supposed to.  That must be true. Despite all my mistakes, I have  wonderful children with terrific kids of their own.   I have a great guy (that's him above the "s" in line to zip next)  that shares life with me and puts up with all my faults.  I'm healthy, happy and financially sound. Thank you great Wizard of Oz, but I think things are just the way they are supposed to be (now, where have I heard that before?)

Uses M&M's Template Journaling Card Fun V3 and North Meets South's Believe in your Dreams kit for all papers and elements except the chevrons.  Those are from Created by Jill's Geek Dot Com kit (overlayed with papers from Believe in your Dreams).   Alpha is from Connie Prince's Love Bugs.