"Find Your Bliss" by Ponytails Designs

"Captured" by Keystone Scraps

"Cowgirl Chic" by Wendy Tunison Designs

These are all part of our DSD Grab Bag.


Journaling reads:

When I was a little girl, all I wished for was a sister.  Bigger or smaller didn’t really matter.  I just wanted someone who I could be best friends with, share secrets with, and enjoy a life-long friendship with.  My brother was pretty cool, but he was no sister.  He was great to have around when I needed a big brother to stick up for me, but I wasn’t about to confide my deepest secrets to him.  I’m so glad that I had daughters, so that I could really see what a sisterly relationship was truly all about... all the ups and the downs of it.  Jess and Amy have been best friends for their whole lives, but it sure hasn’t been a bed of roses!  Now that Sarah is here, she gets to enjoy the benefits of two older sisters. It’s not quite the same since she’s so much younger than they are, but there is already a very special bond between them all.  I’ve always envied the special relationship between sisters... but I suppose having a big brother wasn’t so bad.  After all, he never asked to borrow my clothes or tried to flirt with my boyfriends!