November Templatetopia by North Meets South Studios aka Trixie Scraps/Connie Prince

A Life That's Good Alpha/Elements by Trixie Scraps

A Life That's Good Paper Pack by Trixie Scraps

A Life That's Good Bonus Paper Pack by Trixie Scraps


I need so much more time. There are not enough hours in the day to finish what I have and want to do. With more hours I could scrap and exercise, not one or the other, I could have a cleaner house and be so much more rested. Most of all I need more time with my family. Being a working mom means I’m out of the house for nine or so hours. The kids are growing so fast; I mean Abby is 8 now and it feels like those 8 years just flew by. We have added Kendra and Trent to our masses and it’s so hard to remember the tiny little babies that I brought home. I need so much more time to enjoy them being young, before I have teenagers
that are busy with friends, sports, school, and whatever else in their lives. Time is so elusive
it speeds by and before I know it the kids will be grown and gone. So dear Mr OZ, great
and wonderful can you give me some more time, I would really appreciate it.