Kit Used: Remembering You by Trixie Scraps



I would tell you each and every second how much I love you and how much I miss you each and every day. I was only 17 when you left your world of pain for the delights of heaven. I was a hormonal teenager dealing with growing up, learning to be independent and trying to cope with the very real fact that I was about to lose the most precious part of my life - YOU!. If I only had one more day I would put everything aside and just be with you. I would only talk to about the good times because in the last 14 years I have come to realise that dwelling on the past is not the way to move forward. I would love to put my head in your lap like when I was little and just soak up your love. If I only had one more day I would spend it just being with you doing what we both enjoyed. I would take back all the mean things I said or did to you (over the years as just part of being a kid). I would not let our last minutes together being full of worry about moving so far away from you. I would spend the night talking about how great my future would be and what you wished for my life. If only I had the time again I would have told you earlier that it was okay to give up the fight - your body was so riddled with cancer but your one wish was to see me go to university and tell you I was okay. I wouldn't have begged Dad to let me stay away one more day to finish my lectures - I'm so grateful he didn't let me. I thought it was just a routine hospital visit. I'm so glad I got to see you that night and tell you it was okay to let go. I'm so glad you knew I was having fun at uni and that my worries were not founded. My last day with you would have been spent having coffee and just being girls instead of the last minute packing frenzy it was. Mum, if only I could have one more day, the most important thing I would say to you is THANK YOU. Thank you for the wonderful life you gave me. If I only ...... If I only had one more day.