This page ended up meaning a lot not just to me but to my eldest daughter, Annie, as well. She shares this dream of mine. The horse shown was one she was loaning until the owner moved to another County and so the horse had to go too. The new yard didn’t care for Molly properly, sadly, and she became aggressive and didn’t like humans to go near her any more. We suggested the horse be brought back here and Annie would loan her and work with her. It took weeks before she could even pick her hooves out properly without having to jump out of the way from being kicked! But not once did Annie give up on her. After many months, with lots of progress, Molly was back to her old self and the lovely horse she had been prior to the move. The owner than sadly had to sell her, but we know she went to a good home, as a local yard owner bought her for her adult daughter to ride! She was also full of praise for the work on rehabilitation that Annie had done, and Molly is used as a school horse when the daughter is away at Uni! If I only had the means to set this up, my Sanctuary would be open tomorrow!

Journaling reads:

If I only had The Means

I would set up an animal sanctuary. Cruelty towards animals seems never ending, not to mention the abandoned animals and those whose owners can no longer keep them for genuine reasons. I would love to give all those poor animals a new and safe home and show them that not all humans are bad.

I’d need:











Our dog Amber. A rescue. She was found wandering the streets in Wales and brought across the country  by several teams of volunteers from various charities until she ended up in our little town. She had recently had puppies but there was no sign of them, sadly.

Molly was a loan horse who was moved to another yard where she wasn’t happy. We had her moved back and Annie restored her faith in human beings.

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