Picture Framed: Vol. 1 Template by Pixelily Designs

October 2013 Buffet: Designer's Choice

 God Gave Me You {full kit} by Trixie Scraps

Toil & Trouble by Cathy K Designs

Letting Go by Aprilisa Designs

Blissful Day by Pixelily Designs

Journaling Reads:

If I only had a way to thank you for being an inspiration, a motivator, words of wisdom and a beautiful soul. You have struggled, you have fallen, you have picked yourself up. If I only had a way to show you how much you mean to me. To thank you for everything you’ve done for me. For giving and never asking for anything in return. I never thought I’d find again another person with whom I could show my scars, with whom I could let my weaknesses pour out. If I only had a way to make you see just how much you mean to me. A way to make you see how beautiful you are, how much more beautiful you have become once you took back your life. It’s hard for me to find the right words so I don’t often say them but I need you to know how incredible you are. I need you to know that someone in this big big world sees you, and witnesses your greatness. I need you to see that you’ve made a difference in one person’s life by just being who you are; strong, sassy, intelligent, caring, sympathetic, creative, selfless and my very own BT.