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So many technologies from the early Star Trek series have come into being. For example: do you have a cell phone? Didn’t early cell phones resemble communicators? What about the touch PADDs that the crew carried..can you say “ipad?" Well, I think it’s time for transporters to become a reality! 

How would a transporter come in handy? Oh my!  Let me tell you! Picture this: you’re in the middle of a project and it’s time to pick the kids up from school...just push a button and they’re home! In the middle of making dinner and forgot an ingredient? Send the unlicensed teenager to the store to pick it up! Teenage daughter “needs” her nails done, but you have a dinner date? Easy peasy! No more worries about the teen driving at night or little Johnny having to wait for the carpool!
We currently only have one car between three drivers and five schedules. It's a huge challenge! We really have to juggle our schedules and more often than not, I end up waiting around for someone. A transporter would save me so much time!