If I had a bigger kitchen,

I could while away the mornings, 

baking up some goodies,

Licking off the beaters.

And my oven would be baking,

while my kids were busy tasting.

There’s no room for pots and pans.

When a kitchen’s like a closet, 

And yet I still do it

Just because my family loves them, 

I bake them by the dozen.

If I had a bigger kitchen,

I’d bake pies -I’d bake cookies and some rolls 

decorated with the sprinkles

I’d have cupcakes galore, 

and something healthy too...

If I only had the room!!!

“Yeh, it’s sad, believe me, Missy. 

When you have a cubic foot

Without an inch to spare.

But I could show my skills, be a baker, 

not a buyer

If I only had some room!!!