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They say, 'Time flies when you are having fun.' we must be having a blast. I cannot believe more than 3 years have gone by since you first met each other You always have the stranger at the supermarket who tells you to enjoy these years because they go so fast.  I have learned that those strangers are very wise.  I mourn a little as you each pass a phase is life.  From baby, to toddle, to little person, to school age...  It seems like each year goes by faster than the last.  That there is never enough time to enjoy the stage of life you are in before you head into the next. I often joke with you both that you need to stop growing, and you both laugh at me and tell me that you have to keep growing.  You are right, and I do look forward to seeing the amazing people you will become as you grow and learn more. That does not mean, however, that I cannot mourn the time that has past and sometimes think, 'If I only had those years again.'  I will then become that stranger in the supermarket, telling the frazzled, young mama to enjoy these times because they truly go fast.