This is the first time that Kassi's birth mom was able to see her since she had given birth to her.  It must have been such a shock and worry to see her baby that she had 2 months prior was a healthy  8 pound 8 ounce baby and now was barely only 4 pounds and such a scare that she had trusted someone to take care of her and instead had put her in a little crate and starved her.  She had given this child with hope and dreams that she would be raised and loved.  I hope it was a comfort to her that I was now there and would take care of her like she knew that she should be.  

Kassi's birthmom had been hidden from the people so that she would not be killed because she was an unwed pregnant woman.  The agency had helped her through the pregancy and then helped her to go back to work in the rice fields.  She had not seen Kassi until the giving and receiving ceremony.  It was the most heart wrenching, horrifying and yet the most sacred and special day of my life.  The language barrier did not help to express the words in my heart to her.  The love that I felt for her and her daughter.  There was a special connection for us even though there were no words and I hope that she knows that she is loved and is one of the most precious blessings I have ever been given.


If I only had the RIGHT WORDS:

How do you tell someone thank you for such a gift as the child they are giving you forever.  There are no words to describe the connection from one mom to the other.  There are no words to comfort one mom or the other.  There are only tears and hope that she knows her precious gift is a dream that you have had forever.


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