Journaling:  February 4, 1999 our lives changed forever.  I took Rachel (18 months old) to the pediatrician and heard the words I feared most, “She has Type 1 diabetes.”  We headed to the hospital where we spent 5 days learning our new normal.  We learned about carbs, insulin, injections, highs, lows and   glucagon.  It was all very scary.  Since that day we have poked her sweet fingers approximately 53,830 times.  We have done approximately 2,355 injections and approximately 1,542 insulin pump changes.  Imagine giving your 18 month old an injection when she looks at you like you are evil because a parent should protect a child, not cause pain.  If only we had a cure I would not have to get up twice every night to check my child’s blood sugar.  If only we had a cure I would not be worried about her leaving for college next year!  If only we had a cure, my daughter could be a “normal” 16 year old with all of her friends.  If only we had ... a cure!


Credits: Mission:Cure by Created by Jill Designs and Alpha from  Turn Turn Turn by Chere Kaye Designs