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Connie Prince 525,600 Minutes - Kit

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Journaling is here in Week 3's Tribal Council Thread or below, if it posted:

Everyone always tells you that life speeds up as you age. You spend your childhood wishing you were an adult and then wham, all of a sudden you are an adult wanting to push on the brakes. It seems just like yesterday that Mama and Daddy were finding out we were expecting you. Fast forward twelve years later, and here you are a beautiful young lady who I look at and wonder, “Where did the time go?” If only I could press the “reverse” button and relive your childhood, experience it again and add a few things along the way. However, that isn’t how God intended for us to live our lives since there are no remotes. Next year, you will be a teenager, wreaking havoc on your parents and one day, you will become an adult who will be spreading your wings and leaving the nest. As bittersweet as it is, how I wish I could keep you small forever, it will be amazing to see you grow into the young woman that God wants you to become. I just can’t help, but look back and wish I had more time to spend with you. Little girl, life is too short and I hope you don’t spend your childhood wishing you were an adult because trust me, when you are an adult, you’ll wish you could stop time and enjoy the many things God has given you that you took for granted wishing you could be older.