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Journaling Reads: 

As children we lived in the same home, but were never given the opportunity to really know one another due to the perfidy of others. The betrayal of the trust that a young child has in their parents. Each hiding in our own little world to try to escape the horrors of molestation. Never realizing that a bond of togetherness would have made us stronger. You left home at an early age to escape the darkness and to try and find your way to the light. I didn't hear from you for 35 years, not knowing if you were even alive, but being told that you were dead. Then, one day, out of the blue, I got a friend request on Facebook. I didn't know who it was from as you didn't use your real name, but then I saw a message in the 'other' folder from you saying "Robin, this is Erin" I almost fainted from the shock and I immediately started crying. We spent hours on the phone, and even more hours sending emails back and forth. We both expressed how happy we were for this second chance we had been given. We shared our likes and dislikes and our joys and fears. Having family was something foreign to you and while you welcomed it, you also ran from it. You have now disappeared again. Letting your fears chase you away. I have reached out to you in many ways, but I suppose you are not ready. I would feel so much better about this separation 

(Title) If I only had a {HUG}