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Marco has been here 2-1/2 months and things are…kinda, sorta…a little bit adjusting?

When they are all sleeping, they can curl up right next to each other, even touch fur a little.  When they’re all awake, well…

Kaline still growls at Marco all the time.  Marco jumps on Kaline thinking it’s all a game and Kaline’s ears go back and she hisses at him.  So after a little rumble and chase with hissing and growling, Marco decides he’ll play with Carla.

Carla will play chase and a little rasslin’ with him but he won’t quit when she is ready to stop playing and he still ends up getting hissed at.  But it does seem to be getting just a little better with Carla. 

The best news at this point is that Carla and Kaline are playing together and with their toys again and not always on the defensive.


People interactions are a little different.  During the day Marco spends a lot of time with Mommy.  Kaline does NOT like that at all.  She has always been Mommy’s Girl and very possessive.   It makes her growl and threaten him more. 

The silliest thing about Kaline’s threats is that Marco is just a people-cat, especially since his older sisters don’t play with him as much as he “plays” with them.  As soon as Daddy is home it’s, “Mommy who?”  He is totally Daddy’s Boy.

In all of this, Carla doesn’t instigate trouble or fight over her people.  She comes in the bedroom and curls up in the bed and purrs with Mommy or Daddy at nap time and between them at bedtime.  She hasn’t walked on the kitchen counters and she’s not responsible for any cat-pee that’s not in the litter box.  She’s definitely the favorite for “Cat of The Year!”