Journaling says -- 5 months ago I decided it was time to fill the void that losing my dog 4 years ago made.  I looked online  and found all sorts of breeds that I knew nothing about.  So I searched the breeds that I knew and Papillon  came up in my search.  So I read about them and knew that this was the breed for me!   I found you online and the lady agreed to meet me the next day!  She brought a couple of your siblings with her for me to pick from.  You were the only one who would come to me and let me hold you! As soon as I picked you up you licked me.  I knew you were suppose to be my dog!  In the last 4 and a half months you have become my shadow.  You healed the void I lived with for so long and helped me learn to live again!  You are playful when it’s playtime and you are loving when it’s nap time.  You are everything I needed you to be!  I have learned to sew you things and even got you a car seat so you will be safe in  the van when we take the kids to and from school!  You have healed parts of me that I had forgotten were broken!  I’ve learned to bake you homemade treats so that I can protect you from the bad things in the store bought treats.  I have gotten you subscribed to BarkBox so that you get mail too!  You are treated like a baby in this house and you love every second of it!  I am thankful I found you!! You may love all of the members of our family but you are for sure 100% My baby!


Made using *Puppy Dogs Kit, Furry Friends Alpha Add On, Furry Friends Word Bits, and leaf from Project 2013: September Kit* all by Connie Prince