Journaling reads:

My whole life I wanted a dog.  When I got married, we waited until we had the right house with enough room and finally the day came to go pick up Rupert and bring him home!  He was the most amazing dog there ever was!  He was very social and had friends in strangers immediately.  He was a gentle giant...a 100+ pound hound dog that thought he was a lap dog!  He’d cuddle you on the couch by ‘plopping’ right on top of you, resting his sweet face in the crook of your leg.  He was so well behaved...even (reluctantly) got into the bathtub on command for a bath.  When we had kids, he was amazing...he let them give him his commands for treats, roll on him, play with him, use him as a pillow and he only ever gave me ‘the look’ that said, “Really, Mom, they are allowed to do this?”  He was loyal, always there to comfort me and cuddle me at the end of the day.  And protective, he hated when the family was separated in the house, standing guard somewhere between us, aware of all our whereabouts.  He never chewed anything, bit anyone, growled or got cranky.  But was always in your way, standing right behind you at the sink awaiting your next move, wanting your attention, wanting to love on you.   He was a family man for sure, not only with us but with neighbors too, and people were excited to babysit him when we had to leave him for a vacation.  As much as I love animals and miss having his soul around everyday, I don’t think I want another dog, no dog could live up to his memory.  He was my first and was perfect, I can’t imagine another, maybe someday.  When we were set to move overseas for the Navy, Rupert was 11 years old, 2-3 years beyond his life expectancy already!  We knew the 24 hour journey and the travel wouldn’t be good for him.  So, his Auntie Jennie graciously took him in as part of her family.  The night before he left, we had a “Bone” Voyage party for him and all his human friends came to give him Milk Bones slathered in peanut butter and say goodbye.  It broke my heart to say goodbye because even though I never said it out loud, I knew he wouldn’t make it until we moved back, so it really was goodbye.  Rupert went to the Rainbow Bridge to wait for us 4 months after we moved.  I hope he didn’t die of a broken heart...a part of me really believes he did.  I wish everyone in the world could have met him, he was a special being indeed and will be missed forever by us and by many other people he touched.  His official name was Rupert Sullivan Gregory.  We called him Rupert Poopert Puppy Boy, Super Rupert, and most often Rupie.  The BEST dog in the world!



Arrow Stamp, Dirt, Paw ribbon, sit/stay flair, stitched paw, metal paw and bone accents, paw paper, zig-zag paper and orange scallop border from Fur-Ever Friends by Aprilisa

Stitches are from A Thankful Heart by TrixieScraps

Alpha is Puppy Love Alpha by TwinMomScraps

Template is from Escape to Paradise template set by Colie's Corner

Green, Aqua and White flowers, polka dot heart, blue background paper, blue button and orange coaster from Project 2012: August by Connie Prince

Green star button, orange and blue flowers, blue circle frame, brown scallop borders, twine and leaves are from Cats and Dogs by Connie Prince


Journal and Date font is Sweetness