I did a bit differnet take on the challenge.. This little dude is named Mushoo.  He was a Chinese Water Dragon that my son tried to raise.  He had several lizards while he was growing up and no matter what we did they always seemed to die.  This was the last one that he tried.  In the photo in the middle I was helping him clean his mouth as he had mouth rot.  One of the many things that is NOT in the Mommy Manual.


As a mom I have had to help kids with all kinds of fur babies.  Lots of sickness, hurts, and yes death.  None of it is in the Mommy Manual.  How do we teach our kids about life?  Through their pets we can teach them how to love, how to care for someone, how to deal with stress, grief and responsibility.  Doing it though is not always easy and sometimes no one can prepare you for all the good and bad times in life more than a loved pet.  We have had a lot of fur babies that have blessed our kids with patience, love, endurance and responsibility.  All of them have been an essential part of who they have become.


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