The highlight of my day is when this cute little squirrel comes to visit me (or maybe it's just to get a peanut!)

Journaling reads:

I love both cats and dogs, but my allergies will not cooperate, so I enjoy my outdoor critters.  .   When I retired, my hubby set up a huge variety of bird feeders just outside my kitchen window and I have to admit that I spend an embarrassing amount of time watching my birds.   With bird feeders, comes squirrels who believe that all outdoor food is intended for them!   One of my squirrels has learned to watch for me in the window.  When she sees me, she scampers up to the deck railing and looks in the window with her best “pllleeease may I have a peanut” face.   Who can resist?   I grab a peanut and head out the door where she is waiting for me.   I make her lean forward so she will put her paw on my hand…so soft and gentle. If she’s content with that, she grabs the peanut and takes off.   If she is going to want another one, she sits on the railing to enjoy and comes back for another one.  She’s just  a squirrel, but she’s my Peanut Girl.


Inspiration Template Picture Perfect 57 by Aprilisa.  All  elements and papers from this month’s buffet:   Be Blessed by Blue Heart Scraps,  Never Give up by CathyK Designs, A Life That’s Good by Trixie Scraps and Squirrelly Fall Fun by Kathy Winters Designs.   Alpha Tiles from God Gave me You by Trixie Scraps.