Kit: Trashed, Tattered and Torn Designs by Connie Prince - Leaves recolored

Template: Picture Framed Vol. 1 by Pixelily Designs

Journaling: Ryan & Earl had a special connection, especially considering the fact that Earl was truly a wild animal. We considered him our pet even though we never caged him in. We raised him from a bottle, taught him to drink from the trough & hand fed him corn. He came & went as he pleased & often brought his girlfriends to visit. Earl waited on the front porch at the door for Ryan to come out & on more than one occasion he came right into the house!  Earl would nuzzle Ryan & beg him to play. He would put his front hooves on his shoulders and hug him! Earl even rode in the back of Ryan’s pickup! If he wasn’t in the pickup & Ryan honked he would run alongside him, chasing him home! In the field Earl would wait for Ryan under the truck or walk beside the tractor! Neighbors started telling stories about the deer that walked right up to them, it was unbelievable! We were quite upset when a neighbor shot Earl because he was frightened by him.