For the Survivor week 4 challenge.

This is about our dog named Sam.

A Debonair Gentleman by Keystone Scraps

Pet Parade by Wendy Tunison Designs

Masks Set 1 by Violamoni

Journaling reads: Same came to visit for two weeks and stayed for years after. Our youngest son was working part time, while going to high school, at Hurley's Men Shop. The owner's daughter had a dog named Sam. She couldn't take him to her new home with her so Eric volunteered to take Sam for a few weeks, until she could find a home for him. My husband was against it as he knew Eric would be leaving for college in about a year and feared we'd have a permanent guest. Of course I was the one who said yes to the visit as it'd only be for a couple of weeks. Well true to my husband's fears Sam did stay permanently with us. Sam was used to city living and being on a leash, so when he moved to the country he just loved his freedom. He would break loose and go on his adventures. There was no way to "chase" him down. He'd let you get a couple of feet from him and then go running off. It was a game to him. He would love to go over to our neighbor's house as they had a couple of dogs in their yard. We'd go to pick him up and he'd be in their house while their two dogs were tied up outside. How they must have hated that. Sam finally got over his wandering and truly became my husband's dog. He became a member of the family. The kids left home to begin their own lives and Sam stayed on with us.