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Journaling (main body): You captured my heart from day one. I loved you everyday that you were with me. I loved coming home and having my 100 lb. lap child sitting on my lap. I love how you would greet me with a hug and a kiss the moment I walked in the door. You would jump up put a paw on my shoulder and a paw on my hip and give me a kiss. You were so gentle you would cry when the other puppies had your toy.  I loved how you would not bark when someone was at the door you would just open the blinds with your head and look then come put your paw under my shoulder and lift my shoulder to say come wiht you. If you got scared you would sit on my lap at attention and look around but stay with me to protect me. You truly were a treasure to me that I love with all my heart. I am truly thankful for everyday you were with me.

(upper right circle) Keeper of My Heart

(upper left circle) My Protector

(lower right circle) Sep 1993 to Mar 2002