Kit: Pet Parade by Wendy Tunison Designs

Template: World Traveler by M&M Designs

Journaling reads:

Nobody expected Raider, the “vicious” police dog to take to Doc so readily when we first got him.  Raider wasn’t known for his tolerance of other dogs, since he was a working dog and not a pet.  At home Raider was a big marshmallow, but not a fan of other dogs.  Something about Doc was different though.  Maybe it was because Doc was a puppy when they were first introduced, or maybe because Doc was so submissive.  Whatever the reason, they were best buddies from the beginning.  I’ve never seen two dogs play tug-of-war and fetch with eachother!  Once in a while Raider would snarl and put Doc in his place if he got too brazen, but it never lasted more than a moment.  They were best friends ‘till the end.