Keysha is the newest addition to the family. No other dog has loved me more than she does. (And I’ve had 14.) No matter what I do, she is there. At my desk, she lays on my tote bags. When I work in the yard, she lays on the bushes I’m trimming. If I’m blowing leaves she stands in front of the blower. (She’s not the smartest dog, I believe.) The one command I give her most is  “Out”. “Out” of the bathroom. “Out”of the kitchen. “Out” of way. Even “Out” of the photo. Despite it all, she is an absolute love. Even when she is photo bombing my pictures or eating my chalk, she loves me. And I love her.

Little Rad Trio Let's Construct It

Little Rad Trio Thank You So Much

Little Rad Trio Sweet Gracie

Chere Kaye Turn Turn Turn Edgers

Font: Londrina Solid, Prestige Elite Standard, KG Makes You Stronger

Special Edits/Notes: No template, edgers have paper clipped, word art created by me from fonts, strokes, and clipped papers credited above, bottom paper recolored, hue/saturation adjustment on gray paper, paper flower hue/saturation adjustment, #loveher was part of the photo, bottom right photo was edited to recover from a bad cell phone picture