I have been blessed with some pretty amazing  dogs.  Most have been rescues with their own unique stories.  Sammy is no exception.  When Joe wanted to go to the Paw For A Cause event, he had no idea why. He just knew that he HAD to go. I told him we really didn’t need another dog, but agreed to go. We really weren’t more than 50 ft in when I saw Sammy... and  said... I want that one!


     Sammy and his sister were barely seven weeks old. The two pups had just been picked up the night before and more time was needed with a surrogate mother and each other before either pup would go to a forever home.  The day of the event, I didn’t even get to touch or hold Sammy. All I knew was that he was somehow special and I needed him.

     I have COPD and there are days that just getting me around is a real feat. What on earth was I going to do with an energetic puppy?  There were some days when I would sit and wonder just what I had gotten myself in to.  How would I keep up with this “little dude”?  But I did. Having Sammy was actually better than any pulmonary rehab (though I do admit to having learned techniques that enabled me to get through a day chasing after him). 

      Sammy is the only dog that ever chewed through my oxygen tubing.  He ate my nasal pillows and countless other things, including my Tinkerbell socks. He has been quite the handful. I called on all of my strength many days to be his momma. 

     I have taken more stairs than I ever thought imaginable. Played more tug of war and fetch. Shared first “my chair” and then the loveseat when the two of us no longer fit together. We have bonded in ways I didn’t know possible.

      He still keeps me on my toes, that’s for sure. Sammy has been both my protector, keeping the other dogs away from me  on my “weak” days, and my therapist.  We’ve been together for about 1-1/2 years now. Because of Sammy, my breathing is greatly improved.   I have a constant companion that not only knows my strengths and weaknesses, but strives to improve  those weaknesses every day.


I know why we went that day. I needed Sammy. He rescued me.




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