As much as I’ve been saying Carla’s behavior has been my favorite lately, still out of our three kitty-kids, Kaline is my special baby.

Credits: Mini Tiger by Pretty in Green



Kaline hasn’t been a happy girl lately and it breaks my heart.  She isn’t accepting the new kitten well.  But Marco has only been here three and a half months.  It took her quite a while to accept Carla too, but Carla was an adult cat already.  It’ll get better.  It already has gotten just a little better.  Give out time.  I just hurt for her right now.


Kaline is Mommy’s Girl and she is very possessive.  When she found us the vet guessed she was only 5 weeks old.  I was still in Michigan and she stayed with me with her Daddy, my then boyfriend, visiting often, but she stuck to me like glue during the day for the first few weeks and slept under the covers next to me at night.  When she got older that became above the covers and on my hip.  She still sleeps on my hip many nights.

She is special to me because I always wanted an orange “tiger-stripe” cat that I could name after my favorite childhood Detroit Tiger, Al Kaline.  She’s me “living the dream!”  But she is even more special than that.  It’s the night and circumstance that brought us together.  There was a flood in David’s basement that friends of mine went to Toledo with me to help clean things up.  He was supposed to be on vacation if it weren’t for the rain and now he was tired and dejected from the efforts to save as much as possible that was in boxes on the floor.  I encouraged him to come to my house and just get away from the mess.

David’s the one who heard the tiny voice under the hood of an SUV in the truck stop parking lot. After checking to find the owner who knew nothing of a cat in her car, we looked around it until the tiny kitten appeared on the tire.  She drew quite the crowd and when I held her I was in love…again.  You see, Kaline was fate’s gift to us.  The day before the rain and basement flooding, was the first time we said those three words to each other.  There was enough love between us to welcome the kitten into our family.  Alexis Kaline is 8 years old now.