This is about my pet iguana, Onizuka Godzilla.  Here is the journaling:

Let me start by saying this is not  Onizuka Godzilla.  This is Joey’s lizard, Sundial.  But seeing Sundial reminds me of my pet iguana when I was younger.  I got “Zuka” when I was in college from my brother.  He had one, too, and the two of them lived together in the same aquarium.  I remember taking him out to hold and telling him about my day at school, I would feed him tofu and sometimes for a treat, crickets.  One day my brother decided to sell his iguana, but I wanted to keep my Zuka. Iguanas get attached with other iguanas. Without my brother’s iguana Zuka became sad and did not eat for a long time.  I took him to the vet one day, but he was already really weak.  Within a few days he passed away.  I remember coming home from school and just crying all day.  We buried him the next day and I cried some more.  A year passed and I still did not want another pet, but amazingly, we spotted another iguana in the backyard.  I knew it was impossible to be Zuka, but it helped me have closure to know he still loved us. Maybe one day we can get another iguana.

Pet Parade by Wendy Tunison

Beneath the Beauty by Connie Prince