Furry Friends Bundle by Connie Prince

Leaves vol. 2 by Connie Prince

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I have never been without the unconditional

love of a pet. Many companions have come and gone, with the tears of a beloved furry friend departing there are great memories to be cherished. I knew that my own children would always know the love of a pet, would be able to make those memories,cherish those bonds.

It's amazing how my dog turned into his dog.

My eldest son as claimed Alfie as his own, his best friend and playmate. A day doesn’t go by where these two aren’t together. Snuggled up or running circles around the house. Aaron insists on holding the leash when walking Alfie, insists on opening the door himself to let Alfie outside, insists on feeding Alfie his breakfast and dinner. I love watching him learn responsibility while having fun with his best bud. 

And every time I see Aaron wrap his arms around Alfie in a tight hug, I know these two are forever inseparable.