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Journal Reads:

Over the past decade I have moved several times (9 times to be exact). Exhausting is an understatement. I never thought I’d find Home. That one place to live and grow as a family. To make memories and share memories as the years fall behind us. April 2013 we decided to finally set our sights on buying a house and when we took our first steps into what would become our home, we just knew it had to be ours. Less than two months later we had the keys in hand. While I love every spot in my home, my favorite is the kitchen table. The table where we gather as a family to eat our meals, to play with play-doh on sunny afternoons with the light filtering in, a catch all for mail, diaper bags and Hot Wheels and where friends gather for belly-laughs. The kitchen table is nothing fancy, an old new-to-us table given to us the year we married. It has scars and the seats may not be the most comfortable but it’s the center of the kitchen.. It’s where each morning I sit with my eldest and eat breakfast, drinking my tea and watching him grow up too fast before my eyes. The table is where I hope to continue making memories, with our first Thanksgiving, our first Christmas within the walls our of first home. Watching the seasons change out the window and anticipating the future while reveling in the present.