My backyard is my refuge. It is the place where my flowers grow, where my orchids bloom, and where I raise my butterflies. It is a place where I hear my grandchildren squeal with laughter,and where we have gathered for weddings, anniversaries and deployment farewells. My most favorite spot, however, is the dock...the place where I am lucky enough to see dolphins and manatees,.and where, on a hot summer's night, I can see the mullet jumping out of the water. But, the most favorite time of all, is when I get  to see the majestic sunsets. Each one so   different.. each one taking my breath away..and to contemplate where this beauty comes from, makes me realize that I have a tiny bit of heaven right in my own back yard!   ps the little arrow is pointing at a dolphin

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Awesome Survivor 2013! Good Luck Y'all..