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journaling reads:
It’s true, houses will always change as we move from one location to another,  but a home will always remain a home as that is where the heart lives from day to day.  As we have moved from one house to another, the one thing we have noticed is that with each house, we have many new memories that we cherish and carry with us to the next house.
Probably the most cherished memories have been the day we bought home each child from the hospital. The moment we entered the house, we took our new baby in to the living room and welcomed them to our home and growing family.  If I were to think about a favorite room of the house, I wouldn’t know the answer.  But after looking back at my photos throughout the years, I believe it is safe to say that my favorite room in a house is and will always be the living room, because that is where the memories are made. Memories like bringing home another family member from a baby even to our puppy, memories of Christmas, birthday and other celebrations.  The living room is the place where Mama sets up her photo shoots of the children, the place where we play video games as a family, watch TV as a family. It may not be a room that is a favorite because of decoration or  design, but it surely is a favorite room as that is where thousands, if not countless  of memories have been made and will continue to be . made during our lives and our children’s lives!  So yes, while our houses might always change from one location to another, I know the one thing to be true, we will always be together as a family in our living room making many more memories.  Even as the children grow old, marry and move on, I know when they return, we will make new memories in our current living room. After all there's no place like home!