This is our home. We bought our house just two months before Kayla was born and it's the only home my kids have ever known. It's not perfect, and there are many things on my wish list now that I didn't even give a thought about 15 years ago. The kitchen is way too small, and the floor plan is very constricted even though we have 1900 square feet of space. The master bedroom is a converted attic so the two long sides of the room are the roof of the house and angled. This makes it so there is only one place where the bed can go and with one small window it's incredibly dark in there. One of my original prerequisites was a dining room and it's probably the least used room in the entire house. My poor dining room table is a catch-all for anything and if I want to use it I have to clean it off first. My favorite place is in our family room. Our cheap futon that was one of our first major furniture purchases is the spot where you can find us enjoying time as a family. Many video games have been played and movie nights have been spent here. All our television programs are watched here and we've consumed many dinners here too. This is also the spot for a lazy Sunday afternoon cuddle and nap. There's no place like home…

Beneath the Beauty by Connie Prince
Renaissance Man by Connie Prince
Happy Homebody by North Meets South Studios

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