Title:   Alamendro FG/Alpha

Journaling:  Bradley Hand ITC TT



     Every time I have to go to the hospital, I am asked “Safe at home?” My answer is always the same. Home is THE safest place in the world. I don’t get out often these days and when I do, I am always happy to return to our home. My safe place, which makes my home my favorite spot. But if I had to choose just one spot to be my favorite, it would have to be our couch.

     Family (dogs included) all gravitate to the couch. It is the prime location to sit, visit, snack or nap. I have never seen anyone on the couch angry. There is always laughter and love. Looking through my photos, I saw so many smiles, so much happiness, so much love all on this particular couch and I knew  this would be my favorite spot within my favorite spot! 

      It is a big, comfy couch. My favorite color and usually has a quilt thrown over it for protection. Oddly enough,  I do not claim a “spot” on this couch. I tend to let Joe or the kids (including fur kids) settle there. When the couch fills up, I have to smile as I see Joe or the kids take a seat on the floor, in front of the couch, even though there are other pieces of furniture. Matching (empty) furniture no less!  This particular couch has something magical that keeps it center of activity in our home.  

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