All elements, papers and Alpha from Connie Prince's Tropical Escape. I started with Seatrout's Ring Me Templates and it morphed into this!

Full journaling in Forum if this cuts off. Title is meant to be read in the center of the journaling:

21 years ago, I downsized to a cute little split entry home. My Daughter was heading off to college and my Son planned to follow in a year. Smaller sounded like a great idea since I would shortly be alone. My new home would be a perfect little empty nest. The following summer, my Daughter came home and announced she was moving back in to go to the local campus. My Son promptly decided that sounded like a great idea! (FOR WHO????) All of a sudden, small was really small! Over the next 5 years, they came and went, one time even using the same truck! One moving in; one moving out! GEEEZ! They finally both got out on their own and of course I missed them and the house seemed too big. But not long after that, I met my Hubby and my cute little split entry, house, that had become an empty nest, became a cozy little home. Truely,