When we moved into this house I thought

 THIS IS FINALY my Dream Home.    Out of all the houses we have lived in  this was the “one”  We were finally   going to settle into a place to call our own and all our dreams  would now come true.  It didn’t take me long to realize that a  house is just a house.   All of the pictures  that I found this past week have one thing in common.. The ones I love are in them. Now as my house is more empty, I have come to realize my home is not a building or the house it is the people that are there that make my house a home. My special place or “spot”   is not in one place it is anwhere that my loved  ones are and without them therre is nothing  but empty space and memories of laughter, tears, fights and love.  That is what makes my  house a home and what makes my special place or “spot” a reality.  Without the people I  love with me there is no special “spot”


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