Word tag under house: After years of searching, we found the perfect house. There’s plenty of room for the kids and dogs outside and space for everyone inside. Being in my home fills me with joy.

Under Pool Picture: I don’t live next to the ocean, so my pool is the next best thing. Sitting near the water brings a calmness over me. During the summer, I love to take moments to think and be alone. I also love it when the kids have friends over and they are playing, laughing, and being silly. I even love sharing “my” space with my friends too. Book club with the girls is even better pool side. It’s a lot of work keeping the water maintained, and I savor every moment that I can enjoy its beauty.

Over Christmas Tree Picture: The only place I love more than my poolside refuge, is the gentle glow of my Christmas tree lights in my living room during the holidays. Winter is a difficult time for me and the tree balances me and brings me a sense of peace. When I am enjoying a quiet moment in the living room, my kids’ mother radar is activated and they quickly find me. Before I know it, I have someone talking to me or snuggling up beside me. There is no more perfect moment. I bask in the lights and love of my family.

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