The Christmas Bat is a Nani-tradition that will be 19 years old this year.  I’ll eventually do a layout that tells the tale, but suffice it to say that it stems from the concept of “All God’s creatures great and small…” and the variety of animals available for my Fontanini Nativity.  For this layout, my enabler husband, while concerned about the glass ornaments on our tree with a kitten who likes to climb this year, never thought about that same kitten climbing him to get to the Christmas Bat!

It’s not good behavior because when the heating maintenance guy was in last week, Marco climbed him when he was too close to the bat!

Credits; Cookies For Santa and This Christmas by Colie’s Corner


Thankfully there wasn’t an ornament or candy cane in the Christmas Bat’s mouth yet when Marco discovered his 6’5” Daddy was a great platform to play with Batty.

It never occurred to David that it might be a bad idea until the mistletoe came crashing down!

Now he tries to climb anyone standing near the bat!