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Panettone is a traditional Italian cake with the texture more like bread, a sweet flavor and lots of egg yolks. No, it’s not health food. It is a tasty Christmas tradition.

Neither mom nor I cared for the truly traditional way is made with candied fruit. In fact I detest the candied fruit. Hey, I am first generation American after all. Noni was always able to find panettone solo uvetta, senza canditi; only raisins, no candied fruit for her daughter-in-law and granddaughter and their American taste buds.

Every year I search for panettone senza canditi solo uvetta for December breakfast treats. Every year to get harder and harder to find panettone without the traditional candied fruit. In fact last year I ordered one and got my money back because they sold out. Last year and was no panettone. This year I found a supplier that had a 2.2-pound panettone senza canditi. I ordered two!