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Journaling: When Joe was about 3-years-old, Mom took him with her to K-Mart. She was pushing him in a cart. I can't remember what started it, she gave him a direction of some sort, I think (like, "Sit down, Joe" or "Don't do that, Joe"). His response, loudly enough for other customers to hear, was "My name is not Joe, it's Bob!" Mom said, "Joe, stop it!" He said again, even louder, "My name is not Joe, it's Bob!" Mom was trying hard not to laugh, because that would just encourage him to say it louder and draw even more attention than they were already getting. It went back and forth several more times as she tried to maintain a serious face to get him to stop. She tried again. "Your name is Joe," to which he replied, "No it isn't! It's Bob!" Thankfully, everyone who heard knew he was just being ornery. It