Kit; It's Snow Time by Connie Prince.
Template; Beautiful Melancholia by Angelclaud Artroom.
Font; Snowdrift.

This is a very rare sight.
And in Jerusalem!
Our country is very dry and warm.
Toward the end of November we were using fans, it was that warm!

Then came December.
First they said we would have a 'small' storm.
Then they said a 'small snow' storm.
Well, it was far from small and as usual our country wasn't ready for what hit us with force we haven't had in close to 100 years!
So they say.

The photo's that went around are stunning!
To see Jerusalem covered in white was quite a sight.
Those who came from abroad have seen it but those that never left the country never saw this kind of snow storm.
Our luck it didn't reach our town so this is one of the images I took from Google Images.

It was hard to choose but this one I liked because of the silent and calm feeling it gave me.