Our old tradition from goofing off many years ago still represents all God’s creatures great and small in the Christmas celebration.  And if spiders can get credit for tinsel my bat will absolutely be there!

Credits: Sparkle and Shine by Kathy Winters Designs. Background paper from Songbirds of the Season by Keystone Scraps, Word strips template by Twin Mom Scraps


I said the bat who flies at night.

I shadowed his eyes so he could sleep tight

I stretched out my wings ‘cause that star was so bright.

I said the bat who flies at night.

The Legend of The Christmas Bat      

In 1994 Tom and I shared the office with the double doors that the equipment for remote shoots left the department through.  I had hung a rubber bat for Halloween in our office and as things got busy for local origination and public access shoots for the holidays we just forgot it take it down.  It was easier and kinda funny to just give the bat a mini candy cane.  So, thus, the Christmas Bat was born.

The Christmas Bat must be catching on. A couple of years ago in early November I saw the bat cookie cutter in the holiday aisle with the Christmas decorations and it was on sale! What a way to move a new Christmas item!