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Journaling reads:
Eliana started gymanstcs on September 22, 2009. This lesson was free to see if she even liked it. Once she started, she didn’t stop! She had a permanent smile on her face and looks forward to Tuesday at 4pm. On this day, she did cartwheels, bar, crayon rolls, somersaults which at the end they stand up and say “superstar”, and trampoline (in which they do a bunch of different exercises). Her favorite is ALL of them. At then end of practice, they get to play in the ball pit for a few minutes and then get stamps on hands and feet and get a couple animals crackers. Her teacher Rachel, is super awesome with all the kids and deals well with the ones who don’t want to pay attention. Eliana copies everything Rachel does and does it with great enthusiasm! Rachel asked me if Eliana had ever had gymnastic classes before and when I told her no, she was very impressed! She’s a natural.