Journaling Reads:

When I started my digital scrapbooking journey several years ago, the idea was to keep track of the memories
I was creating with my two precious sons.  But then scrapping for myself quickly turned into scrapping as part
of creative teams for designers, which just as quickly turned into designing myself.
And, the concept of me scrapping my own pictures and memories?  Boy, did that get lost along the way!  We
won’t talk about the ridiculously pathetic number of pages I actually scrapped the last few years!
I’m not generally one to make many new year resolutions.  Afterall, I’m pretty sure the success rate for most
anyone keeping them is pretty low.  However, this year, I am creating one main goal for myself - to get back
to the heart of why I took on the hobby of digital scrapbooking in the first place.  I need to scrap a little, and
then scrap a little more...and just when I think I’ve scrapped a lot, I need to scrap a whole lot more!
The adventures and experiences I’m creating with my boys is passing me by just as quickly as the days are, and I
don’t want to lose a single smile or laugh or hug along the way!
So, for 2014, there will be scrapping.  Scrapping of my products (I’m shooting for a minimum of one page
for every new product I create), and scrapping of products from other incredibly talented designers (be
prepared to see a LOT of products from my fellow GingerScraps designers, because they’re all amazing).
Some of the pages will be beautiful.  Some of them probably won’t be.  But, in the end, all that will matter is
that I will have those memories to look back on one year, 5 years, 10 years down the road.  It’s worth it!

Products used:  New Year, New Me Basics 1, New Year, New Me Basics 2 and New Year, New Me Kit, all by Blue Heart Scraps