Credits: Smile Santa by Simple Girl Scraps

One of the coolest holiday things I do for me is I join the Secret Santa Soirée hosted by Suzanne at The Coloradolady. Suzanne coordinates bloggers in our crafty blogging community who want to participate in being and having a Secret Santa. I love the day when I find out who my “Santee” is for this year. I get to read her likes/dislikes survey and read her blog to pick out gifts as her Secret Santa. This is my third year doing this swap and I absolutely love getting to know someone new and reading the smiles when they post that they received their gift.

The greatest challenge this year was remaining secret! My Santee is a postmaster! How do you hide your location from her? She collects postcards so I selected six from my collection. I addressed, stamped and wrote “Santa was here” on each of them and mailed them to the appropriate postmasters to have then sent to her before the gift was sent out. It was fun reading as she posted the postcards and tried to figure out where her Secret Santa was from based on where the postcards were coming from.

My joy in being so sneaky was short-lived as the zip+4, all I used for the return address, was enough for her to figure out exactly where I am. It only took a little blog reading for her to figure out which member of the swap was her secret Santa and send the email asking if it was me. It was still incredibly fun!