This year I’m doing “Random 365.”  Each day might be a photo, a Tweet or Facebook status I posted, something from my blog or just journaling. (My 2012 that I did complete was just journaling every day)  So far I like how the pages look; very old-school paper scrap or Smash-style.

Credits: Project 2014 January – Life Begins Now by Connie Prince, Additional elements and papers from: Social Butterfly by Trixie Scraps, Feel Better Soon by Twin Mom Scraps, Dear Diary by Nibbles Skribbles,  365 Papers by Kitten Scraps


Letter to Mother Nature:


Dear Mother Nature,

Make up your freaking mind! The year is only two weeks old and we’ve had a 22” of snow with Level 3 Snow Emergencies, tied a record low temperature with wind that chilled below minus 40, so cloudy it was dark at four, brilliant sunlight, enough rain to cause flooding and highs warm enough to wear just a sweater.  Is it that time of the century for you?

I don’t want to seem ungrateful for the warmer temperatures and the melting snow. Frankly I think 22 inches of snow was mean. And 13 below, what the heck were you thinking? I know 2012 & 13 were unseasonable but that’s okay. It was nice. Not perfect for the flowers, but I can live with it. If you have to, snow just a little, enough to make some train pictures pretty. But whatever you do, whatever is going to be your new winter in Toledo; DECIDE!

On behalf of the city of Toledo,