Joy Ride

In this case it is not grand theft auto, but rather the freedom to go places whenever he wants.  Due to his Parkinson disease, & the balance issues that comes with this disease, he has had plenty of falls, which no longer gives him the freedoms he is accustomed to. 

He no longer is independent, but rather depentent on others in the care home @ Carmel Hills.  The erdge to get out & go somewhere, is still there: however due to being disabled & in a wheel chair, it is no longer convenient for him to get out & go whenever he wants.

He must depend on others & their schedule & their kindness to be a blessing to him.  He doesn't bend quiet so easily when getting into the car, maybe it is because he doesn't realize that he is still flexible & can bend.  Or maybe he is nervous, & cautious & afraid of taking a fall again.  He still has the desire to go out & do things, & my husband was able to pack him up in our rented car, that we used to take our trip from Arizona to North Carolina.

We all went for a country ride, Shawn drove, while dad took up the front passenger side, while I sat behind him & our dog sat behind the man in charge, via behind the driver.