Since before your first breath you have been cherished. You were born into love. What a miracle you are. The grip of your tiny fingers fills me with joy that now rests in my heart.  I can scarcely keep my eyes from you. When you sleep I gaze at you with wonderment. I am entranced by the wonder of your soft cheeks. I am content to hold your  head in my hand and nestle you in the crook of my arm. My life is forever changed. .No one could have told me; I couldn’t comprehend that when you were placed in my arms, my view of the world would shift. Now I see everything through a lens that is focused on you. Sights and sounds are filtered through my vision for each moment of your day. What is best for you defines my choices. I am your mother and I am here for you. You have a champion. You have a fan. You have a listening ear and a warm cuddle. You have a mentor, a teacher and a gentle guide as you begin your journey through life. There is no end of what I want for you: May you have faith in a higher power, in life, and in your ability to do what you dream. May you feel comfort in the perfection of yourself. That as you make mistakes you have everything within you to choose your path, correct your path and be content with your journey. May you forever view the world with the joy of a child; appreciating the beauty, the stillness and the opportunities that surround you. May you have the knowledge that you are one with everyone and everything in the world. I will love watching you grow.  Even now, when in one moment you look at me with curiosity and serenity, in the next you stare at me with an intense curiosity that makes me smile; I marvel at the changes in you. Our history is now our future. Your birth brought it all together. Having you in my life is the perfect gift.

Welcome. to the world,

xoxoxo Mommy


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