Credits: Day of Love by Luv Ewe Designs

Journaling:  The hardest part of BORTrail this year was keeping my left hand hidden, especially from the other women! I wanted to wait until after my show for anyone to see the ring. Our announcement of our marriage to our railfan friends was to be by the credits with my new last name!

I ended up drawing a number that would be the end of the first half of the shows, just before dinner. I’d have hated to try and hide the ring through the whole dinner break.  The first part of my show was syrupier than usual for me with a few pictures of David and me together and even one that Rina took of us kissing at Horseshoe Curve. The credits at the end didn’t say “Davonna Lividini” anymore! Tina was standing next to my chair almost before the last of the music finished; “Is there something you need to tell everybody?”