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Goofing off with a buddy at school turned into a nightmare for Caleb. The boy slipped in a mud puddle and went down hard in front of his friends and teachers. Embarrassed, he responded with anger by jumping up and hitting Caleb in the jaw hard enough to put him on the ground. Then he kicked Caleb in the face with his booted foot and ran. After taking stock of the damage, the doctors at Mercy Hospital said there was a fracture in the cheekbone just beneath the eye socket and the jawbone was broken. A call was made to the only specialist in our area, but after reviewing the x-rays he said the break in the jaw was too ugly for him to handle - Caleb would have to go to UC Davis. At 8:30 PM last night, shortly after the decision was made, Caleb was placed in a helicopter and flown the 364 miles from Redding to Sacramento where he would undergo surgery. His jaw has been wired shut and the doctors at UC Davis want to see him once a week to monitor his progress and make any necessary adjustments. He should be home tomorrow.