I’m not very good at tooting
 my own horn, but I’m really grateful
to the Lord for the talents he gave
me to help Debbie get ready for her 
wedding.   She had looked around for a      
wedding dress, but she couldn’t find one     
she was in love with.  She then
went and looked at patterns and
found things in 3 or 4 different
patterns she wanted to
incorporate into one dress.
She wanted sleeves from one,
  a bodice from another, and the
back skirt from      
still another one!!         
I wasn’t sure I could            
make her dream              
come true,       
but we decided               
to give it a try!

Before we were finished
though, besides the bride's dress,
I had also made a few of the brides-
maids dresses and the flower girl dress!
It’s just a good thing we had several months to
work on everything, and a friend to help! (Thanks Gayle!)

This is me the night before the wedding still busily sewing the
remainder of the beads on Debbie’s beautiful dress!!  She was
a gorgeous bride, and all the work was well worth the effort!
I’m happy that the Lord gave me the talent to sew!
I used Project 2014 April Family Life from Connie Prince found here:  https://store.gingerscraps.net/Project-2014-April-Family-Life-Mega-Stash.html and a template from Connie Prince's Hop to it pack found here:  https://store.gingerscraps.net/Hop-To-It-12x12-Temps-CU-Ok.html